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How much will it cost?
We bid each web site individually as the price will depend on size and complexity. A web site with many e-commerce options or complex features will cost more. We will give you a written bid that breaks down the costs and is clear about what is and is not included Our rates are affordable because we’re a small business with a great network of contacts and resources in the web development community.

Hong long will it take?
It usually takes between one week and several months, depending on the complexity of your project. If a website’s design is simple and the amount of content is minimal, it can take as little as a week to finish.

Can't I just design my own Web site?
You could design your own website. But do you have a background in design? Do you know how to write HTML, or do you know how to use Web design software?

We don’t know the first thing about fixing cars, and we wouldn’t dream of getting under the hood of ours. In spite of all of the marketing hype by software vendors, do-it-yourself web design is not “simple and easy.” It’s difficult and frustrating. It takes years of learning and practice, and the technology is changing all the time.

Besides, isn’t your business too important to treat casually? Would you hand over your business taxes to a high-school accounting student? Then why would you be so nonchalant with your Web site? It is, after all, something that can make a great first impression with potential new customers.

Why choose Rectangular Eyes Design for customize design of my Website?
Having successfully designed and developed various high profile websites, we possesses the creative and technical talent to deliver the highest quality custom website designs.

  • We offer competitive pricing and a guaranteed fixed price
  • Fully custom website designs hand coded and designed in-house
  • We posses a high level of professionalism and ethical standards
  • A close collaborative working relationship: Team members are highly accessible via email and phone at all times including nights and weekends.
  • Service: No matter what your level of experience with the web, we will be there to walk you
    through the process and ensure the highest quality results.

How can I get started quickly?

You can get started right now by submitting the Contact Us Form so we start working with you to define and clarify your goals and needs for your web site. We can create a development plan and bid that’s customized to your unique needs. After you accept our bid, we will send you a contract that includes a completion date.



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